Extraordinary Bespoke Furniture for Any Home or Office

Each piece is lovingly crafted using the finest materials and most modern construction techniques. Don’t see something that fits your taste? Let’s talk! Interested in a commissioned piece? Please use my contact form and I’ll get back in touch with you!

Let's create something unique for your home or office!

- Quick FAQ -

In general, what's the price range for your work?

Prices vary based upon complexity of the piece, size and the woods used in construction. In general, my pieces range from $1200-$2500, a bargain for unique, fucntional artwork!

Can you make multiples? Say I want six dinning room chairs.

I can and do produce “editions”. However, each piece will have it’s own unique voice, even if made from similar materials. You’re purchasing art as much as furniture! If you’re looking for six plain old dining room chairs, I suggest Wayfair or West Elm.

What sorts of furniture can you produce?

At the present time, our workshop is focused on bespoke chairs, side tables and dining room tables. We do offer services for other types of furniture, but turnaround will be six to eight weeks and will be considered a commission.

What is your committment to the enviroment?

Will Winton Bespoke Furniture is committed to creating unique works in as environmentally friendly way as possible. Our exotic woods are all certified as coming from sustainable, environmentally conscious tree farms from around the world. We often re-cycle and re-purpose wood. We use low-VOC, non-toxic finishes on all pieces. Our American woods, oak, walnut, cherry and the like, come from local Tennessee sources, most often from trees felled by storm.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercards. We also accept personal checks, PayPal and cash.

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