About Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke fine furniture makes a unique statement regarding your taste and sophistication. Each piece is lovingly crafted to create a “wow” moment for any home or office!

In an age of cheap, easily damaged furniture whose design genius lasts all of six months, more and more people are looking to furnish their homes with unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces that will transcend the test of time.

My furniture, more “functional sculpture” is the sort of heirloom you’ll want to hand down to your children, to be handed down to theirchildren in turn.

Custom crafted of finest woods, but also with re-claimed wood, my bespoke work tries to merge the “sacred and profane” to create unique masterpieces of design, engineering and function. All chairs, tables and other examples are created to serve their basic function, but to also make a unique and masterful statement.

My creations take between three and four weeks to make. My process of “design on the fly” is challenging for any designer, as one must make design and engineering decisions as the piece develops.

I maintain three core principles of my work: structural integrity, design genius and comfort.

A chair or table must be structurally sound. After all- who wants to tip over a table or sit in a chair that collapses?Each piece must have an unique artistry and design, as there’s no “wow” moment to be had from the quotidian.

Finally, for chairs in particular, it must be comfortable. Modern sitting often takes place in chairs that are either too soft and provide no support, or too rigid and uncomfortable. I seek a balance in a chair that provides good lumbar and lower-body support without being overly stiff.

I invite you to peruse some of my works. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I accept commissions!

About the Designer and Artist

Originally trained as an architect, I have been designing and building furniture for 25 years. Recently, I have branched into a unique artistic expression that combines my love of sculpture with my design skills and genius.

My studio workshop is located in Sewanee, Tennessee, 90 miles southeast of Nashville. Private studio consultations can be arranged. I accept commissions and will travel to your home to discuss your needs (a consultation fee applies-please inquire)

All work is unique and will not (and can not) be duplicated. Each piece is assigned a maker’s identification mark and is entered into a database that is available for authentication purposes for free.

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