The Story of the Winton Guitar Chair

The Winton Guitar Chair combines fine art, craftsmanship and functionality.
It becomes Part of Your Perfomance (TM)

The Winton Guitar Chair was invented in the summer of 2019 by the noted designer, Will Winton. The Guitar Chair came about in response to a need for a comfortable, functional yet elegant chair for pickers of all types and talents.

Will Winton, although not a musician himself, is friends with many, many guitar players. Over the summer of 2019, he was approached with the idea that, at the time, there were no seating options specifically designed for guitar players and other pickers Upon further research, he discovered, to his astonishment, this was generally true. There weren’t any!

Winton immediately began to ask his playing friends what they sought in a chair, specifically one designed for the picker in mind. The first was a thin, comfortable back that would allow them to move freely when playing. The most common complaint he heard from players was “I keep hitting my elbows on the back of a regular chair!” Other complaints were about stools, which allowed more flexibility but after a few hours of playing, caused back pain. His musician friends also mentioned having a built-in footrest that was designed to allow for easy access of pedals. Furthermore, a built-in hanger that allows the instrument to hang securely, but freely, was also mentioned.

With these suggestions (and others) in mind, Winton quickly drew up plans for his first chair. A prototype was assembled. After further testing, another prototype was created, modified and improved.

On September 4, 2019, the Guitar Chair was unveiled to the public for the first time at an event sponsored by the Nashville Arts and Business Council at the Oz Arts Center in Nashville, TN

Winton further modified his design, and production finally began in earnest in January of 2020.

About the Designer and Artist

Originally trained as an architect, Will Winton has been designing and building furniture for 25 years. Recently, he has branched into a unique artistic expression that combines my love of sculpture with unique design skills and genius.

His studio workshop is located in Sewanee, Tennessee, 90 miles southeast of Nashville. Private studio consultations can be arranged.

All work is unique and the design of the Winton Guitar Chair is trademark protected. Each piece is assigned a maker’s identification mark and is entered into a database that is available for authentication purposes for free.

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