The Winton Design Company

A full-service furniture design business

The Winton Design Company was founded by Will Winton. Originally trained as an architect, Will has been building and designing custom furniture for 25 years. In 2016, he decided to abandon his corporate career and focus on building a business dedicated to creating unique, bespoke works of furniture art. .

In 2022, he relocated his workshop and business headquarters to Franklin, Tennessee, about 20 minutes south of Nashville. He continues to expand his business profile, and has won a number or recent accolades and awards, including being part of the 2021-2022 Tennessee Craft Biennial at the Tennessee State Museum, and most recently, a 2023 Grantee of a Arts Fellowship by the Tennessee State Arts Commission.

The Winton Guitar Chair (TM)

The idea for the Winton Guitar Chair (TM) came about in the summer of 2019. While displaying his custom chairs at a local crafts fair, Will was approached by a local musician who was seeking something “more” than a traditional stool or chair (or, in many cases, packing crate!).

She was quite specific. The chair should not have arms like a conventional chair, as one can bump their elbows while reaching for notes while playing. It should be flexible and supportive for long sessions in the studio or on stage.

A built-in footrest allows the player to dispense of traditional, flimsy, accessory footrests. A small cup to the side allows one to store extra strings and picks.

All of these innovations are then wrapped in an unique package, an elegant and eye-catching solution to a problem that has plagued pickers of all stripes for many years. If you are a musician or know of a musician who might be interested, please contact me directly via the form link at the top and we’ll find you the right Winton Guitar Chair for your studio or stage!

In October, 2022, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a Makers Trade Dress for the Winton Guitar Chair. (USPTO Registration Number: 6,881,877, Serial Number: 90-784,877, 10-Oct 2022)

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