Ordering The Winton Guitar Chair

The Winton Guitar Chair is designed for the performer in mind. Each, unique, one-of-a-kind chair enables pickers of all stripes to play in comfort for hours on end.

What makes the Winton Guitar Chair Unique?

One-of-a-Kind Design: Each Guitar Chair is different! While they share similar, sturdy, structural characteristics, each chair has a unique design feel.

Sturdy Support for Years of Playing: Our hand-welded legs, combined with sturdy well-crafted wood elements ensures that you’ll be rocking and rolling in your chair for years to come in total comfort!

Designed with the Player in Mind: A comfortable, built-in foot rest avoids the pitfalls players encounter with cheap, separate foot-rests. Our pick bin can store picks, extra strings, whatever you might need. Your chair features a built-in guitar hook.  Once you’re done playing, simply hang your guitar on your chair and you’re good to go!

Comfort: Did we mention comfort? Our wide seats and narrow, yet surprisingly supportive backs, give players a full range of motion, but with the support needed for extended sessions in the studio or on stage. No more sore backs, banged up elbows! You can play in comfort for hours on end!

Hand-Crafted Quality: Each chair is hand-built and each is its own unique sculptural creation. Your Winton Guitar Chair will become an heirloom you’ll want to pass on to the next generation of players! Winton Guitar Chairs are guaranteed for life. 

The Winton Guitar Chair: $2249.99 (TN Residents add 9.25% Sales Tax)

Please note: Custom Chairs priced accordingly

- FAQ -

How long is the delivery time for my Winton Guitar Chair? In general, four to six weeks from time of order.

I was put on a waiting list. How will I know when I can order my chair?
We process orders in the order they come in. Don’t worry! Once you’re on the waiting list, you’ll be notified as to the potential delivery date!

Do you have any options to customize my chair? At the present time, we have a limited number of options. We’re a relatively new company, and the Winton Guitar Chair is absolutely novel in design. Our seats can be ordered in either African Mahagony or American Ash. Our backs are available in either cherry and oak. Remember, your chair is as much sculpture as furniture. We are certain you’ll be delighted with your design.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards, cash or certified check. If you hold a Regions Bank NA account, we will accept personal checks. No deposits are required but we require payment upon delivery. Tennessee residents will be assessed 9.25% TN sales tax.

Do you offer delivery? Yes, within a certain radius of our production facility. Deliveries to the Middle Tennessee area are available for an additional $100 charge. For delivery outside the Middle Tennessee Area, please contact us for arrangements.

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